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To put it briefly, turnaround schools are those that are undergoing an institutional makeover of sorts. From staff and infrastructure to instructional style, turnaround schools are striving to meet the Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) benchmarks that they consistently fall short of. In this article, we’ll dig into the specifics of what a turnaround school is, […]

What Is A Turnaround School?

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When School Turnaround partners with a school we immediately start implementing our ST6 Strategies.  This training sets up a stream of Professional Development opportunities for their team and school.   When a principal embarks on their turnaround journey they are assigned a specialist to help steer them on the correct path throughout the school year.  […]

Professional Development For Teachers In A Virtual Setting

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Over the past fourteen years, School Turnaround has established a proven track record of helping leaders of low-performing schools and districts significantly improve student achievement.  School Turnaround was the first initiative expressly created to address the concept of turnaround in schools and over the years we have created core elements of school turnaround strategies and […]

6 School Turnaround Strategies for Success In Your School

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When it comes to academic success, there are a lot of factors at play. A good teacher or a motivated student is only a small portion of what ultimately contributes to a student’s success. Elements like the lesson delivery, class size, parental involvement, and social dynamics in a school all work together to contribute (or […]

6 Factors That Affect Student Achievement

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These are challenging times in our country where our normal routines and rituals have been altered by a force, we cannot see but the impact is felt. The impact expands to education,  finances, health, recreation, relationships, and work.  Boards of education and superintendents are under increasing pressure to improve student achievement and accomplish it with […]

7 Strategies to Improve Student Achievement in Schools: The School Turnaround Way

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Navigating the options of schooling during a global pandemic can be challenging. With so many options of virtual school vs homeschool vs remote learning things can get confusing very quickly.  Several parents, teachers, and school leaders are probably wondering which option is the right choice and what learning environment will yield the best results for […]

Virtual School vs Homeschool vs Remote Learning: Which Is Right for Your Student?

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If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take“ -Alice in Wonderland. In education, this quote means a lot when it comes to student data and setting targets for student growth. There are several important factors to consider when embarking on target setting for student achievement and the overall goal-setting process. Targets are “doable […]

Target Setting for Student Achievement

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